"...I wanted more so I ordered a selection..."
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"...experience music as it was meant to be- Dramatically Expressive!
Escape Music® A New Dawn reviewed...

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Reviews and Quotes about Gathering Wave ® Music:

"My first thought (as I listened to "Escape Music ® A New Dawn") was a kind of time-lapse feeling.  I got a feeling of creation. Something starting, building/developing. I think it was around the 3rd piece,(Gentle & Tender) I got this thought in my head. I felt an overwhelming feel of being refreshed..."it was like a glass of water for my mind". I was thinking clearer.  Towards the end of the CD I was thinking a lot about ideas I have, I was really using my mind. I felt the music opened my mind, leaving it clear, to think about anything...I really felt it took me somewhere."

- Mike Prendergast, Performer, Boston, MA

"YES! I do love the music. I have been playing it a lot. I have always had a hard time with sleep and so I have been putting on my headphones and playing "Escape Music A New Dawn" when I go to bed and it is so relaxing and calming and peaceful. I just love it. Music, for me, has always been the one thing that can touch my emotions deeply and this CD is truly an "Escape". THANKS!"

- S. Crawford, Helena, MT

"A prolific artist who has released eight CDs in the past two years, Bob Baran has covered ground ranging from ambient to jazz to new age to pop, all of it recorded with exquisite fidelity at his Gathering Wave Studio. I’m not sure about his claim to have represented a “new and original musical genre” with his “Escape Music” series, but it is beautiful and relaxing improvisational piano music in a similar vein to his 2004 “Sound Paintings” CD. Perfect for yoga, meditation or just watching a new dawn."
-Scott Prinzing, Billings Outpost - Thursday, January 4, 2007

Baran’s ‘Escape Music’
Local musician Bob Baran has been awarded a trademark for a new genre of music by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Baran’s Montana-based record label Gathering Wave uses the term “Escape Music” to describes a new and unique musical genre pioneered by Baran himself, a stream of consciousness composer and multi-instrumentalist. The U.S.P.T.O. has issued a certificate of registration for the the trademark “Escape Music.

“We were confident that our claim of a new and original musical genre was much more than marketing hyperbole. Being issued a trademark for a new genre of music is not an everyday occurance,” said Gwen Baran, Gathering Wave co-founder.

The entire music catalog of recording artist Bob Baran is now available at iTunes, as well as Napster, Rhapsody and other online music sites. For more information about Gathering Wave and Escape Music, go to www.gatheringwave.com. Go to www.bobbaran.com.
-Reprinted from Independent Record, January 25, 2007

"I picked up a copy of Escape Music a New Dawn at our local Borders. I was looking for exactly that - escape music to play at work.The instrumentals are perfect, providing a nice feel to the office without distraction. Everyone tends to get a little down after the Holidays have passed and we're looking at a long stretch of winter weather. The beautiful piano music in a New Dawn is very uplifting. My boss even stopped and commented on how beautiful the music was.

I wanted more so I ordered a selection.

The Birds of Selenia has a smooth, easy jazz feel.

The Art of Love - how appropriate for Valentine's Day! Moving, thoughtful music full of feeling.

The "stream of consciousness" theme of Sound Paintings fits my style. The music flows like water in a stream - ocean waves on a beach. Wind blowing through the trees. Images come and go."
- Becky - Tarentum, Pennsylvania

"(Escape Music A New Dawn)...a surprising musical revelation...fluent without limitation... music as it was meant to be - Dramatically Expressive!" - Read the Review...
- Adam Saksa, Free Lance Writer, Poet and Philosopher

"Martian Wonders" (Volume 2 of The Martian Experience) is truly breathtaking...Undiscovered Forest is brilliant."
- John Murphy, Director/Producer

There is only one word for this "the Life on Mars" and the entire collection of works entitled "The Martian Experience": Genius! Gathering Wave founder Bob Baran certainly has quite an arsenal of sounds at his fingertips and isn't afraid to use them. Bob has let himself stretch and grow into a musical giant! This is one of the most amazing CDs I've ever heard. It's so unearthly while still striking a primordial chord that lies within each of us. I appreciate the spark of inspiration this music has given me because this s just the level of craftsmanship that enables us all to grow musically. This groundbreaking album will certainly serve as a catalyst spawning creative growth for many musicians who will undoubtedly choose to follow the path that Bob has illuminated.

If you like the works of Carlos Nakai, Deep Forest, Chick Corea or Miles Davis this collection is for you. It's the perfect combination of serenity and challenge for the intelligent listener. It is amazing how the musical greats strike this balance. If you are a discerning istener you will appreciate the greatness of the work. Embrace the greatness of the Martian landscape with a visit to the home base of this creative dynamo: www.bobbaran.com
-Thomas Leary, Publisher Mule Dog Magazine

"Most recent discovery is composer, artist, singer, writer Bob Baran. Bob is a man for all seasons, all keys, all notes, all rhythms, all instruments, all people. Wending his way over, above, and around the conglomerate genre, he simply trusts in the moment. Mainstreaming the ebb and flow, he exudes pizzazz, genius and mastery. Every track blends the elements and in the process, alchemizes the soul. Baran's music is addictive and good for what ails you..."
-Sarah Louise Hannah, Writer/Musician/Director

"CD: The Life on Mars
Having trouble getting a foot inside the space/time continuum? Trans-locate from fractured Earth to ground yourself in the Universe. The body resonate will respond in kind to the Universe resonate. You'll remember where you came from and perhaps come to trust why you're here.

CD: The Art of Love
Ah, the dance of love. Self choreographing, this one, and I do mean for the dancers. Track one opens and ends with abruptness but (if you're old enough) lands Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers smack dab on the dance floor in your mind. You'll forget it's Baron's fingers tripping the black and white at both ends. If you're over 20, you'll think you're 20 again and that your left foot does, after all, know how to coordinate with the right. Track two onward, it gets up closer and more personal. If you've only memories, you'll meld with the body in your mind. If you're lucky, you'll shove the unimportant aside and take your partner in your arms. Let the music lead. Either way, you'll love where it takes you. No worries...

CD: Sound Paintings
If you doubt the artistry of Bob Baran, the pure simplicity of the piano will mesmerize and restore your faith that he is an artist and a gifted one, at that. Let us not forget, he records in the moment the unwritten. It's not channeled through him, it rises up from within.

CD: Martian Wonders
Music has always led me out of the stalemates of my life, including rigid thought forms I took on because somebody said I should. Martian Wonders effortlessly frees the spirit, soothes the mind, dissolves the barriers.

CD: Bridge To An Open Heart
The muse within scribes the ache for the love he believes is possible but has yet to find. (The prose is BG - Before Gwen.) "Always," he sings, track one, "I'm dreaming..." What I love about these tastefully tender pieces is his use of underlying repetitive rhythms to elevate the prose. His heart (resting on the sleeve of the vocal chord) and his silky smooth style seduces the skeptic in you. True love is worth waiting for." 

©Sarah Louise Hannah

"His label includes The Life on Mars, a compelling "soundtrack of a science fiction trilogy that was never made," along with an acoustic piano CD and "The Art of Love," one of the best straight-ahead urban contemporary jazz albums I've heard in a while."
-Richard P. Myers - IR City Editor

"What I like about it (the Gathering Wave ® Sampler) is, I can listen to it...or not, I don't have to turn it down to answer the phone and when I do listen to it, it takes me on a different trip every time."
-Tim Borsberry - Jeweler

"I hear a lot of music working here... but this music helps me think better."
-Darren Melton - Hastings GSM

Concerning "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" By Adam Saksa

Bob Baran's newest solo piano effort was a surprising musical revelation. To the sophisticated and musically endowed I say: A delicate weaving of rhapsodical ecstasies; fluent without limitation, while still providing to the deep desire for thematic form, structure, and conclusion.

To the musical laymen I say: A vibrant and moving album- emotional and beautifully put together. Cozy like home- but one you've only now just discovered.

To one and all: Get ready to experience music as it was meant to be- Dramatically Expressive! This "solo piano" fantasy as it is labeled on the back cover, is another exploration into the familiar unknown for composer/ performer/ producer, Bob Baran.

When Baran musically describes a Rocky Mountain sunrise, he is expertly translating the bare essence of the beauty and emotion of the scene, without the specific details and physical impressions. This approach allows the listener to imagine any picture of that same essential beauty. The effect can put a person in a state of awe and child-like wonder.

One thing that strikes me about this album (as I have had many similar experiences with certain albums) is the many walks of life it will most certainly attract with this effect. What makes it so easy to relate to is its' ability to satisfy on so many levels.

Take, for example, a person who truly appreciates classical music. It caters to the "musical romantic" with powerful and moving melodies as well as cheerful and light-footed passages, both which may remind a connoisseur of the immortal greats, such as Beethoven, Schubert and Mozart.

On the other hand the person looking for a contemporary feel that describes the modern world is thrilled by the endless flow of ideas morphing from playful to tranquil, stern to romantic.

The person who studies closely the details and subtle nuances of music will be quick to notice Baran's balance and range of composition, the way a bold note is drawn out underneath a rapid, almost fragile succession for support, the impeccable reflective pauses. And finally the person simply looking forward to a musical journey and emotional impact will not be disappointed. Bob Baran will bedazzle your senses like you've never known.

Because of the excruciating attention to detail with this production a person gets the sense of the artist playing for them in the very room or setting they are in. It is as if the sense of the artist were there simply to communicate the stream of ideas personally to the listener. For those of you unfamiliar with the art form of "stream of consciousness", (used more commonly in literature) it can be defined as a technique that presents the thoughts and feelings of an artist or fictional character as they occur; or more simply- a continuous flowing series of images and ideas.

This use of stream of consciousness in making concept albums is nothing new to Bob, as "Escape Music A New Dawn" is his 7th cd release. Yet on this album; it seems to be a revelation. The purity of a single instrument and the clarity with which it is absorbed by the ear is stunning. Baran has noticeably taken his abilities to new heights. His agility on the keys is impressive in itself but what is more astonishing is his powerful expression of a concept.

This progression is easy to recognize after listening to his previous solo piano album "Sound Paintings" (Gathering Wave ® 2004). While also a joy to listen to, it pales in comparison to the brightness and warmth and most of all the thematic value of his latest masterpiece.

If you have never experienced the enchantment of dawn breaking in the mountains of southwestern Montana, this is a convenient satisfying alternative. "Not the real thing" to be sure, but the "fantasy thing".

Another element that makes "A New Dawn" a landmark album is the fact that this tremendous artistic success is also an achievement in piano technology and high-fidelity sound. But I'll leave the details of that surprise for another time. Those of you who are interested in this back-ground information can go online to www.gatheringwave.com and immerse yourself in sound bites from this album as well as the details of how the album was made.

One item though: The "Sound Painter Deep Image High Definition Mastering" process debuts on "A New Dawn" and is responsible for the warmest, biggest most liquid piano sound I've ever heard through a set of speakers. The result: an astounding therapeutic musical experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The last gleaming point of interest I will share with you regarding "Escape Music ® A New Dawn", is the beautiful reverence of nature and imagination. These overwhelming emotions with revealing individual expression is what gives Baran's new work the flavor and taste of contemporary romanticism. Even the cover art catches your eye with its' promise of beautiful things to come. This is one of those rare times where the packaging promises and the content delivers.

With an album that draws inspiration from so many different genres and sources (not just music mind you, but art in general- and well, life) there is only one way to properly classify it. Of course that classification is "Escape Music ®". Music to dream by. Freedom on a disc. A must have for anyone who takes their music seriously, or not. "Grammy winner" may be more than just a rumor for this album. Enjoy responsibly.

Adam Saksa, is a free lance writer, poet and philosopher currently doing research for his first novel. You can email him at pluckypurcell@hotmail.com