The Music of Bob Baran considered new genre by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office...

Apple Inc. "iTunes" offers entire Bob Baran music catalog...

"Escape Music ® A New Dawn" on Grammy Ballot..

Bob Baran’s “The Life on Mars” Chosen “CD of the Year 2005”
by “Mule Dog Magazine”...

Gathering Wave ® LLC Production Partner Aquires Full HDTV Video Production Capability...

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The Music of Bob Baran considered new genre by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office...

January 15, 2007, East Helena, Montana...
The claim by Montana based record label Gathering Wave ® LLC that “Escape Music ®” describes a new and unique musical genre pioneered by stream of consciousness composer and multi instrumentalist Bob Baran has been substantiated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The U.S.P.T.O. has issued a certificate of registration for the the trademark “Escape Music ®” to Gathering Wave ® LLC. Specifically: for..."(recorded) Music in the nature of an original or unique style or new genre” ( quoted directly from the certificate).

Apple Inc. "iTunes" offers entire Bob Baran music catalog...

Gathering Wave ® also announced today (January 15, 2007) that the entire music catalog of recording artist Bob Baran is now available for immediate purchase and download at the Apple Inc., “iTunes” online music store.

“iTunes” is the single largest retailer of downloadable music in the world. This gives my music the chance to reach a worldwide audience right now that isn't possible any other way” remarked Bob Baran. “We are also in many other online stores like “Napster”, “Rhapsody” etc., but "iTunes" is the icon of the industry, the ”big time” of online music.

For more information about Bob Baran go to www.bobbaran.com or just “google” Bob Baran.

"GRAMMY" UPDATE..."Escape Music ® A New Dawn" by Bob Baran (Oct. 2006)

 "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" Bob Baran's new solo piano album released September 19, 2006 is on the official  ballot of the "49th Grammy Awards" in  4 categories:

1. "Album of the Year"/New Age:  Bob Baran, "Escape Music A New Dawn"  
2.  (Classical)  Instrumental Soloist w/o Orchestra:  Bob Baran, "Sunrise"/ "Escape Music A New Dawn" 
3.  (Composing/Arranging):  Instrumental Composition: Bob Baran, "Escape"/ "Escape Music A New Dawn"  
4.  (Composing/Arranging):  Instrumental Arrangement: Bob Baran, "Landscapes"/ "Escape Music A New Dawn"

Well over 15,000 entries from all over the world were examined by the qualifying committees established by NARAS (The Academy) to determine  inclusion on the ballot.  We are thrilled to have been chosen by the those committees which are responsible for maintaining the highest standards in their respective fields.  

The nomination process is now underway and closes on November 8.  The five nominees in each catagory will be announced early in December.  "Escape Music A New Dawn"  represents a new Artistic benchmark for Bob Baran. You can hear soundbites of each track at:    www.gatheringwave.com  or www.bobbaran.com   

"Just being  on the same ballot with many of the finest  musicians, composers and producers in the world is an inspiration and  an honor"...-Bob Baran


Bob Baran’s “The Life on Mars” Chosen “CD of the Year 2005”
by “Mule Dog Magazine”...

"Mule Dog Magazine" a nine year old online music publication has chosen volume one of the Martian Experience, "The Life on Mars" as its' "CD of the year for 2005.”

Prefaced by a creative "flash" animation featuring sound bites from "The Life on Mars" Publisher Thomas Leary, writes:

"This groundbreaking album will certainly serve as a catalyst spawning creative growth for many musicians who will undoubtedly choose to follow the path that Bob (Baran) has illuminated...."

Read the full review at www.muledog.com/magazine (scroll down past "Martian Landscape") Or go to Reviews...