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Bob Baran is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and to date he has released 7 CDs and a Sampler. There are several other CDs including "Martian Sunset" and "Song of Eden" that are in the gestation process.

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"Escape Music ® A New Dawn" #10 on Billboard's new age catalog chart!

Bob's most recent release in solo piano and is an artistic benchmark for him. "Escape Music ® A New Dawn" made it through the qualifying round of the 49th Grammy Awards and was on the official ballot in 4 categories - including "New Age Album of the Year".

"Being on the same ballot with the world's finest musicians, composers and producers was an inspiration and an honor.”
-Bob Baran, Composer, Performer and Producer

"I picked up a copy of "Escape Music a New Dawn" at our local Borders. I was looking for exactly that, escape music to play at work. The instrumentals are perfect, providing a nice feel to the office without distraction...The beautiful piano music in a New Dawn is very uplifting. My boss even stopped and commented on how beautiful the music was."
- Becky, Tarentum, PA

“My clients love the music and it helps me get through my day. It is very relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating and healing. It sounds different every time I play it and I can play it over and over.”
- Debora Torkington, Holistic Health Practitioner, San Diego, CA


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The Birds of Selenia

"The Birds of Selenia", Bob's first album was ahead of its time. A musical hybrid, combining New Age with Smooth Jazz and an underlying groove to create chill music for that special mood. The sound of the CD has been described as big, spacious, hypnotic and immersive; a timeless collection of musical flavors. Although this album was first released in 1988 its sonic and musical style is still relevant today.

"...with the rise of New Age, electronica, ambience and techno, it sounds almost mainstream. When I first heard it, (in 1988) it sounded like a good jazz sax player - Baran cut his teeth in clubs around Detroit - playing to electronic sounds. Now (in 2004) it sounds like electronica with the nice humanizing touch of a real player."
- Rich Myers, City Editor, Helena Independent Record, Helena, MT


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"The Life on Mars", true quantum consciousness music, is a space fantasy movie soundtrack for the theatre of your mind. Featuring stunningly visual big screen orchestral music to unleash your imagination as it takes you on a musical journey to the red planet. Inspired and influenced by "The Interstellar Suite" from Amin Bhatia and Richard C. Hoagland's discovery of the face on Mars as heard on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, "The Life on Mars" is Bob's score of a science fiction movie that has never been made.

There is only one word for this "the Life on Mars" and the entire collection of works entitled "The Martian Experience": Genius! ...This is one of the most amazing CDs I've ever heard. It's so unearthly while still striking a primordial chord that lies within each of us...If you like the works of Carlos Nakai, Deep Forest, Chick Corea or Miles Davis this collection is for you. It's the perfect combination of serenity and challenge for the intelligent listener. It is amazing how the musical greats strike this balance...
-Thomas Leary, Publisher Mule Dog Magazine - www.muledog.com/magazine

"It's my own personal escape music. I put it on, lay back and let go."
-N.S., Healer


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"The Art of Love" is the gourmet chocolate of instrumental mood music. An album of music to inspire the mood, the intensity of feeling, the harmonic resonance and the hushed rhythmic motions of the most special communication between two lovers. Inspired by love and all the aspects of the journey into love and influenced by the smooth sounds of Fourplay, Carlos Santana, Chick Corea, George Benson, Frank Zappa, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmie Hendrix, "The Art of Love" is the ultimate soundtrack for your most intimate moments.

"This music touched me in a way that surprised me. The contact was visceral - in my gut and well, lower! My boyfriend and I love to "move together" with "The Art of Love" playing in our CD player.
-Ellen H., Sales Rep, Austin, TX
Bob Baran talks about "The Art of Love" - Coming Soon


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Martian Wonders

"Martian Wonders” is Fantasy-Ambient instrumental music featuring beautiful musical colors and textures that create a relaxing escape to a faraway place, where you explore the “seven wonders of the world” Martian style. Another excursion into quantum consciousness music. If you are seeking a musical escape, you will find the journey “Martian Wonders” provides, an ever evolving experience, as you will continue to discover new levels of wonder every time you listen to it.


"Martian Wonders", Volume 2 of The Martian Experience is truly breathtaking ...Undiscovered Forest is brilliant."
- John Murphy, Director/Producer


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"Sound Paintings" allows you to surrender as you listen to a flowing real-time solo piano performance. Just imagine yourself in a spacious room... overlooking a Montana mountain range with a beautiful grand piano... And a composer who plays music never heard before just for you.

“Solo piano is my most personal music. As I sit down at the piano I have no preconceived notions as to what exactly I am going to play. I let the feeling of the moment guide my hands over the keyboard. It's as if I'm along for the ride.”
- Bob Baran, Composer, Performer and Producer

"The "stream of consciousness" theme of "Sound Paintings" fits my style. The music flows like water in a stream - ocean waves on a beach. Wind blowing through the trees. Images come and go."
- Becky, Tarentum, PA

"I love the music...I listen to it for enjoyment and relaxation."
- R. Rollins, San Diego, CA
Bob Baran talks about "Sound Paintings" - Coming Soon


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Bridge to An Open Heart

A journey to True Love..."Bridge to An Open Heart" is both personal and universal. In the deepest part of yourself have you not craved the real intimacy of true love?

On this album, Bob's debut as a singer/songwriter, combines a powerful vocal style, that has been compared to "Sting" and Jon Anderson of "Yes", with honest and revealing lyrics.


The muse within scribes the ache for the love he believes is possible but has yet to find... "Always," he sings, track one, "I'm dreaming..." What I love about these tastefully tender pieces is his use of underlying repetitive rhythms to elevate the prose. His heart (resting on the sleeve of the vocal chord) and his silky smooth style seduces the skeptic in you. True love is worth waiting for. 
-Sarah Louise Hannah, Writer/Musician/Director

"Bob has a great voice and such intriguing combinations of instruments he uses!"
- Beth Atuatasi, Artist


"Bridge to An Open Heart" download individual tracks or the complete album from iTunes
Gathering Wave Sampler

The Gathering Wave ® Sampler, features one track from each of seven albums, showcasing Bob's eclectic mix of compositional styles. Mostly instrumental and everything from New Age and Jazz to Chill and Pop. Each track was chosen to work together with the other titles to create an eclectic stand-alone album.

No longer available