"...Bob Baran has covered ground ranging from ambient to jazz to new age to pop, all of it recorded with exquisite fidelity..."
- Scott Prinzing - Billings Outpost
"Sound Painter Deep Image High Definition Mastering"
- A new sound process used exclusively on
"Escape Music® A New Dawn"

The Goal...

Have you ever been in a home or apartment where someone was actually playing an acoustic piano? The sound floats from the piano into each room creating a warm liquid musical ambience. My goal was to make an inexpensive boom-box or computer sound system create that same effect in a room at a low to moderate listening level...And for those who happen to have a good floor-standing stereo system or home-theatre system capable of live-performance volume levels, I wanted your speakers to disappear, your walls to melt away and have you experience the visceral and emotional impact of a concert grand piano.

The Challenge:

Consider that the piano is actually a harp laying on its' side suspended in mid-air and it is played with hammers tipped with felt that strike the strings. A typical concert grand piano is about five by nine feet and almost six feet tall when the lid is in the fully opened playing position.

The piano is arguably the largest acoustic instrument in "western culture". As such it is blessed with an enormous dynamic and tonal range. Playing the softest passages on the best pianos should sound like fingers on a harp...While a louder passage should sound round and focused very similar to a trumpet or trombone. A piano at this level of quality presents an extraordinary range of musical possibilities to a pianist.

The truth is that most people will probably listen to "A New Dawn" through a under fifty-dollar "boom-box" at low volume, on a computer, in a car or with headphones. So it was up to me to use whatever technology was available in order to make the piano sound great on anything.

The Birth of "Sound Painter Deep Image High Definition Mastering"

The trial and error steps I took resulted in 26 different versions of "Escape Music ® A New Dawn". By the time I had achieved the "final release #2," (I made the factory destroy the final release #1 glass stamper before we manufactured any CDs!) I had evolved a step by step process which allowed the big clear warm liquid piano sound I had dreamed about, to flow from the small speakers in an under fifty-dollar boombox as well as achieve the visceral impact of a piano only a megabuck high-end stereo system was capable of. We named that process: "Sound Painter Deep Image High Definition Mastering" If you would like to read more about the process please go to:

What Does This Mean to You?

No matter what kind of music system you play "A New Dawn" on you will hear a big warm liquid piano sound that seems to float in the air...Beyond the speakers. The same big warm sound I heard when I played the piano...Enjoy!

-Bob Baran